Mason Naz – LIVE 3-29-20

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Join us live today, Pastor G will be talking about “The Great Shepherd”, The great I Am!


  1. Reply
    Ryan Giffin says:

    Hello from Kansas City, Mason First family! Love worshipping with you!

  2. Reply
    Ernestine Nearhood says:

    Music is great!!

  3. Reply
    Debra Miles says:

    My dogs are listening with me.

  4. Reply
    Sean Samson says:

    5 of us here

  5. Reply
    Sean Samson says:

    Autumn is kids church coming later?

  6. Reply
    Autumn Thurston says:

    Good morning Samson family the kids church will post after Pastor G.

  7. Reply
    Stu Shattuck says:

    Good morning church family!

  8. Reply
    Debbie Ann Hatt O'Berry says:

    Interesting…I can share comments on my phone but not my tablet. Deb O’Berry here. Thanks for doing this.

  9. Reply
    Alleysha Marie Seely says:

    phew that run back home was exhausting, but I made it!

  10. Reply
    Linda Jakeway says:

    Good morning everyone.

  11. Reply
    Daniel Obriant says:


  12. Reply
    Stu Shattuck says:

    Hahahaha YES!

  13. Reply
    Jared Short says:

    Own it!

  14. Reply
    Raymond Nearhood says:

    Love it

  15. Reply
    Debra Miles says:

    I think I have a matching pair of pj pants.

  16. Reply
    Alleysha Marie Seely says:

    I have several screenshots and I will be having fun with editing these pictures and posting them later…

  17. Reply
    Stu Shattuck says:

    Also are we gonna talk about G’s pajamas include a polo???

  18. Reply
    Mason First Kids Church says:

    Where are the doughnuts?!?!

  19. Reply
    Belinda Cook says:

    Good morning! Miss you guys Steve Cook!

  20. Reply
    Beth Bochenek-Ward says:

    If we can worship at home in our jammies you certainly can pastor G!!! So thankful to be able to do fb.

  21. Reply
    Raymond Nearhood says:

    Yes he is

  22. Reply
    Alleysha Marie Seely says:

    You sure it isn’t chickens? They seem pretty important…

  23. Reply
    Raymond Nearhood says:

    That’s why we need you

  24. Reply
    Danielle Sue says:
  25. Reply
    Alleysha Marie Seely says:

    I’m looking at all ya’ll! WE NEED EACH OTHER!

  26. Reply
    Autumn Thurston says:

    Yes we need each other!

  27. Reply
    Jennifer Reynolds says:

    Good morning Pastor G!!!

  28. Reply
    Jennifer Reynolds says:


  29. Reply
    Alleysha Marie Seely says:

    That’s my problem. I have always struggled with the “approval of others”… praise God I overcome it every day. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

  30. Reply
    Raymond Nearhood says:

    Lord Jesus is who walks with me

  31. Reply
    Brad Seely says:

    This is me calling my kids in from outside and then my wife calls them and they come.

  32. Reply
    Mason First Church of the Nazarene says:

    Let us know if you’d like help accepting Jesus into your life now!

  33. Reply
    Raymond Nearhood says:

    Put all things in Gods hands

  34. Reply
    Alleysha Marie Seely says:

    Hi Pastor Dad!!

  35. Reply
    Jennifer Reynolds says:

    Good morning Pastor Dad!

  36. Reply
    Michelle Perkins says:

    Amen! Thank you Pastor G!

  37. Reply
    Ernestine Nearhood says:

    Pastor dad, I miss you!

  38. Reply
    Kreig Burton says:

    My wife and kids clapped to see pastor Dad

  39. Reply
    Raymond Nearhood says:

    Thank you pastor dad

  40. Reply
    Betty Jo Sherwood Miller says:

    Much love

  41. Reply
    Jennifer Reynolds says:

    Amen! Thank you Pastor Dad & Pastor G!

  42. Reply
    Karen Walters says:

    Thank you. Have a great week everyone.

  43. Reply
    Gerhard Weigelt says:

    Thanks Pastor Dad for praying for us!!

  44. Reply
    Tom Butz says:

    Good Morning Mason First – my family misses you.

  45. Reply
    Ernestine Nearhood says:

    Jeanette, hopeyou enjoyed it!

  46. Reply
    Pattie McNeilly says:

    Thank you Pastor G, Pastor Stu Pastor dad and praise band for leading us through these days. God’s got this!

  47. Reply
    Alleysha Marie Seely says:

    Have a great day church family!

  48. Reply
    Gerhard Weigelt says:

    Thanks everyone for worshipping today!

    • Reply
      Tom Butz says:

      Love you Brother!

  49. Reply
    Gerhard Weigelt says:

    Amen, God’s got this!

  50. Reply
    Raymond Nearhood says:

    Thank you

  51. Reply
    Gerhard Weigelt says:

    Please let the church know if there are any needs that we can help with.

  52. Reply
    Doris Beckwith says:


  53. Reply
    Ina O'Briant says:

    Awesome message today Pastor G!!

  54. Reply
    Michelle Tanner says:

    Thank you for a blessed service today!

  55. Reply
    Denny Blue says:

    Inspiring, thanks to all who made it possible.

  56. Reply
    Matthew Tolbert Smith says:

    Love you!

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