Mason NAZ – Live (March 15, 2020)


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    Dana Prebble says:


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    Autumn Thurston says:

    Hey everyone happy Sunday!

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      Ina O'Briant says:

      Autumn Thurston same to you! God is great!!

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    Deborah Ide says:

    Amen Pastor!!!

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    Mary Kueppers says:

    KUEPPERS watching

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    Stu Shattuck says:

    Morning mason first 🙂

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    Linda Clark says:
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    Ernestine Nearhood says:

    So glad I can listen to this! Amen and thank you!

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    Stu Shattuck says:

    Even in live stream Pastor G is asking for repeat after me love our pastor and love our church!

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    Autumn Thurston says:

    I love that! Every time we show love we are professing faith <3

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      David Lee says:

      Did it make it you all tingly inside.

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    Ina O'Briant says:

    Thank you for the awesome message today Pastor G!!!

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    Linda Jakeway says:

    Thank you, Pastor!

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    Dave Metzger says:

    “NAZ” sounds very silly! Why are Nazarene Churches doing this to their denominational titles?

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