• Youth Ministry

    Open Gym Time begins at 6 PM
    Youth group 6:30 - 7:45 PM
    Join us this Wednesday! Invite your friends!



Sunday Youth Bible Study
(a.k.a. Sunday School on Sunday morning)
9:30 am
High School - Upper level behind gym
Middle School - Lower Level behind gym



Teens Egging Party

Date: April 15th 7-8pm
Contact: Pastor Ally Weaver

We are doing an Easter egging event where we will sneak around and try to leave Easter eggs at the homes of people in our communities. There will be 12 eggs and one will be empty. We will leave a note on the door explaining the reason for the empty egg is to remind us that Jesus Christ rose on the 3rd day and left the empty tomb. This is just a fun way to share the story of Jesus' love.