2019 Work and Witness Trip

Work and Witness Details:

Scheduled for August 11-19, 2019

Project Cost = $12,000 to Build the Soccer Field

MFCN has pledged $10,000 (we will be seeking donations)

Individual Cost = $1,300 Per Person (this includes airfare and daily cost)

Completed Application and $100 Deposit Due By October 31st (the group needs 13-20 people)

Will Pay $150 per month starting November 2018 (final payment due by June 30, 2019)

Must have a current passport (NO expiration dates within 6 months of event)

We will purchase the airline tickets for the group.

Each person must have documentation of a current tetanus vaccine

Will be working in Apopa, El Salvador, flying into San Salvador

To download application CLICK HERE

Missionary Reading Books Are Here

The Church of the Nazarene publishes a series of books each year that take readers on a tour of what God is doing on the mission field through the Church of the Nazarene.

This year’s books include:

1. Amazon Adventures: Tales From The Jungle

2. Branching Into Missions: Exploring Your Involvement

3. Messengers of Holiness: Stories of African Missionaries

4. A Missions Mosaic: The Changing Landscape in Canada

These books are available in book form and on CD.

For the first time ever, you can download PDFs and Audio files of these books for use on your computer or mobile device.

To download these resources CLICK HERE.

Sharing the Gospel Through Missions

The Church of the Nazarene Supports the Mission Field Through Sports and Sending Missionaries to Share the Gospel.

Learn how a simple soccer ball can change lives – CLICK on the PICTURE BELOW: