Children's Ministries at the ROC

What: Connect Sports is a Christian Community Sports Program that teaches children confidence in who they are and whose they are! In Christ we can do all things through Him who strengthens us. See the Connect Sports tab of this website for more details!
When: We have a sport for each season!

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What to Expect - Orientation Day Saturday, April 14, 2018

What to Expect - Week #1
Week #1 - Team and Individual Scores
Week #1 - Ranger Readiness Class with Ranger Ross!

What to Expect - Week #2
Week #2 - Ranger Training on Steps 1-4: (Stance, Nock, Set Draw Hand and Set Bow Hand)
Week #2 - Team and Individual Scores
Week #2 - Ranger Readiness Class with Ranger Ross!

What to Expect - Week #3

Week #3 - Ranger Training on Steps 5 & 6: (Pre-Draw and Draw)
Week #3 - Team and Individual Scores
Week #3 - Ranger Readiness Class with Ranger Ross!

What to Expect - Week #4
Week #4 - Team and Individual Scores
Week #4 - Ranger Readiness Class with Ranger Ross!

What to Expect - Week #5
Week #5 - Team and Individual Scores
Week #5 - Ranger Readiness Class with Ranger Ross!

2018 Revised SeatingChart
2018 Student Archery Book


What: The Learning Center is a place for children to come for academic coaching.  If you have a child who would like some assistance with their homework or would like to stay ahead of their studies, please contact Beth Woodard at (517) 908-6191 to set up time with one of our coaches.
When: The Learning Center is open from 4:00 PM until 5:00 PM on Mondays and Tuesdays starting the third week of September.

Family Ministries at the ROC

3 on 3 Basketball Trounament for Players Grades 3rd through 8th Grade!

What: 3 on 3 Basektball Tournament
Who: Players - 3rd & 4th Grade Girls/Boys * 5th & 6th Grade Girls/Boys * 7th & 8th Grade Girls/Boys.
When: Saturday, March 24th, 2018.  Registration closes March 21st (or when we reach torunament capacity).

Click Here for the Clover ROC Classic Game Rules


Co-Ed League Begins January 11th, 2018

What: 10 Week Season of Indoor Co-Ed Volleyball.
Who: 6 – Person Teams. Either $25 per person or $225.00 team entrance fee – Up to 10 members on roster. If an individual would like to join an a-la-carte team they can simply pay $25 for a shirt. Up to 10 Teams in league.
When: Every team will be scheduled to play 2 matches each night, some weeks will be double headers. Holidays and full league cancellations due to snowstorms or inclement weather will be dropped from schedule and not made up (up to 2 nights per league).  Any cancellations over 2 nights will be made up on a weekend.
2018 Snowball Volleyball Schedule! 
League Volleyball Rules 
ROC House Rules 
Leadership Schedule 

Ladies' Ministries at the ROC


What: Make Health Living FUN!  Join the Healthy Horizon Team as they walk you through a cardio workout at the ROC! Get Fun Fit and Go Cardio Crazy as you help your heart stay healthy! If you are a first time participant, you must pre-register.  Please call (517) 862-8240 so the team can have a kit available for your first visit.  If you like your workout, you can purchase your own workout equipment for $25.  See you at the ROC!.
When: Mondays from 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM.


Men's Ministries at the ROC


What: Open basektball for men.
When: Mondays (Age 30 and Up), Tuesdays & Thursdays. from 8:00 PM until 10:00 PM.  Courts are assigned as you enter the gym.  If you have questions, please see Al Shattuck or call the church office!

Seniors' Ministries at the ROC


What: If you are 55 or older and want to fellowship with others in our community, join us at Prime Time!  
When: The gym is open from 11:30 AM to walk and talk with friends.  A potluck lunch starts at 12:00 Noon!  Bring a dish to pass or just come and join us for fellowship!  A craft, music or movie is presented after lunch by Laura Vickery.  Come Join in the Fun!

Welcome Video


The Recreational Outreach Center (The ROC) opened in April of 2012 as a tool to be used for our youth and our community.  Far from what began as a concept of a 10,000 square foot pole barn-style building, the ROC ultimately grew to a brick structure with a finished size of 16,000 square feet.  Valued at over $1.7 million, the building includes a gym featuring a full-size basketball court, an activity room with large-screen video monitors, a kitchen, and a room designed for use as a state-of-the-art computer lab.

The building is the first to be built on 45 acres of property purchased by the church for future development.  Gary Nesbitt, a Mason First Nazarene member for 55 years, served on the building committee that oversaw the design and construction of the new building.  “Our desire from the very beginning was to build a structure that could be used by the youth of our church and community,” Nesbitt explained.  “The youth of any organization or community represent the future, and I believe that we have been successful in creating a building that will inspire our youth.”

 ROC Director

Cynthia “Cyndi” Richey

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